Adding an addition to your home can increase its value and also provide you with more needed space for family gatherings, your dream kitchen, luxury bathroom, or even just extra storage. Giving yourself more living space will allow you to have a home that better fits your lifestyle. It’s important that any home improvement project be carefully planned out by professional seasoned architectural designers so you don’t have regrets down the road. In order to determine if an addition is right for you, there are some questions you should ask yourself first.

DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH BUDGET/MONEY SET ASIDE TO DO WHAT YOU REALLY WANT? We get many clients who don’t really have any idea what an addition or major renovation would cost, and come to us with grand ideas, and a wish list that simply won’t fit their budget. In other words, do you want to add space just for the sake of having a bigger home, or to achieve a particular lifestyle target, or a needed new room use?
IS IT POSSIBLE TO MAKE CHANGES OR ADDITIONS ON YOUR CURRENT HOME? There are many approval/ building permit and development permit issues that need to be addressed for adding a major addition to an existing home. An addition that you may think should be very achievable, may in fact not be possible because of regulatory or bylaw issues. You need to hire a professional to help investigate this for you. After this investigation, if the addition you want to do, is deemed doable by planning authorities, then adding onto your home may be a very smart decision. – Landen Design Build,

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