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How to Add More Fun to Your Super Bowl Party

The day the every football fan awaits is quickly approaching! Be sure that your Super Bowl party is worthy of the big event. Planning a Super Bowl party can be a bit daunting. It is likely that your guests will consist of die hard football fans, people who rarely watch football, and people who do not know the difference between a touchdown and a home run! If you are having a family friendly party and add some kids into the mix, it is no wonder you are stress about making everyone happy! With such a diverse crowd, you are going to need more than some chips and a big screen television to have a killer Super Bowl party. You can use anything from football shaped snacks to rented team mascot uniforms, to make your party unforgettable. Read on for some tips, ideas, and tricks for hosting a fun Super Bowl celebration that everyone can enjoy!

Get your guests involved.

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect football-watching munchies. Simply ask your guests to bring a dish or snack to the party. Be sure to provide drinks and several snacks of your own.

Run with the football theme.

Make football themed snacks and treats. Sugar cookies can easily be shaped into footballs. If you are creative in the kitchen, you can even make a cake that looks like the football field!

Choose your team.

Divide your living room or media room down the middle. Decorate each side in the colors of the opposing Super Bowl teams. Have each of your guests pick a team to root for and ask them to sit in the corresponding side of the room. You can even rent mascot uniforms for more fun!

When one just will not cut it.

Place some smaller, extra televisions around your house in areas where guest are most likely to step away from the main TV. A TV in the kitchen area, the back porch, even the bathroom, will ensure that none of your guest miss any of the action!

Have a separate room for the kids

If you have the space, set aside a nearby room for your younger football fans. Be sure to include a television and some kid friendly snacks and drinks. During half time, lead the kids in a game of hot potato using a football. You can even buy or rent football uniforms for the kids to wear. Or consider renting a team mascot suit so that one of the adults can entertain the kids during halftime. The kids will have more fun if they have their own area and activities and the parents will be able to relax and enjoy the game more if the kids are occupied.

Game-time activities

For some extra fun during the big game, challenge your guests with some football related trivia. You can find a ton of football facts from the NFL. During half time, challenge your guests to a football throwing contest. Weather permitting, play outside and see who can throw the ball the farthest. If you have to stay indoors, use a toy football or a foam football and try to throw it into a box or through a hula hoop. For extra silliness, have competitors dress up in rented mascot costumes or football uniforms.

With a little extra planning and effort you can make your Super Bowl party the talk of the town! Cater to all of your guests, including the little ones by providing them with their own snacks and games. Get creative, make your food into mini footballs and helmet shapes. Play fun games and don’t forget to dress the part. What’s a Super Bowl party without team mascot costumes or football uniforms.

Vera Mosley is a writer on a variety of subjects including sporting events and family fun activities. She is also a freelance writer for Costume Gallery. Costume Gallery can make any sporting event more exciting with their surplus of Mascot Costumes.

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