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Solutions and Substitutions for Jan. 28th. 2011

Hi Reena,

I am getting married in less than a month and when I recently went in for my first dress fitting I noticed a really odd smell coming from the dress! The seamstress thinks it is probably the smell of the factory where it was made (in China). It stinks!!! I don’t want people to think I smell bad on my wedding day!

It has been steamed but still smells….any ideas? It is made from crinoline and has silk material flowers all over. Time is running out and I’m not sure what to do!? Thanks for any tips you may have. Susan

Hi Susan,

The chemical treatment that you are most likely experiencing is required for all garment and fabric importers from any foreign country. This treatment is used to keep unwanted insects from being accidentally transported with wedding gowns. Here are a few suggestions: Hang the dress in the garage or another protected, ventilated area. Or make a solution of one part liquid fabric softener and 4 parts water, mist the dress. Or wrap the dress in plastic and add a generous amount of lavender to bring freshness to the dress. If the smell is overpowering, bring the dress to a dry cleaner that specializes in wedding dresses and have the dress professionally dry cleaned. Congratulations on your wedding!

Hello Reena,

I have a wooden picture frame that was dropped and I repaired the crack where it came apart with a glue gun. It is dry and has excess glue showing on the front of the frame. What can I do to remove the excess glue? Thank you for your help. Rosemarie

Dear Rosemarie,

The easiest method to remove glue gun glue is to hold a hot hair dryer over the area to soften the glue. Next gently scrape away all excess glue. If glue is still noticeable, dab the glue with denatured alcohol and wipe.

Hi Reena,

My niece and husband just returned from a trip to the South of Mexico and because it was so damp there at the time, their suitcases came back so strong with mould they can’t use them again. They have left them out in the cold fresh air to no avail; do you know how they can get rid of the odour? Thanks for any help as they are off on shorter trip soon. Barb

Dear Barb,

If the suitcase is cloth on the inside, hand wash it with heavy duty laundry detergent and rinse. If the suitcase is hard plastic on the inside, scrub the interior with dish soap, water and tea tree oil to zap the smell. Dry with a fan or hairdryer so that the suitcase dries quickly. Store fabric softener sheets inside the suitcase unit the travelers leave once again. Or pack the suitcase with oodles of crumbled up newspaper. Close the suitcase and leave until use.

Hello Reena,

I have a new Dutch oven that I used once for Italian meatball stew, and after removing the contents I was left with a thick, black, burnt stain on the bottom of the pot. It has been impossible to remove so far. What do you suggest I do?  Thanks Michelle

Hi Michelle,

Although I don’t know what the Dutch oven is made of, I will assume that it is stainless steel. Soak the pan with dishwasher detergent and hot water scrub with a steel wool pad. Or (and this is what I like to do) into the pot pour baking soda, dish soap and enough water to cover the bottom. Boil the contents for 5 mins. Let sit just until cool enough to handle and scrub with an S.O.S pad.

Fabulous Tips of the Week:

  • According to coffee experts, the fridge is one of the worst places to store coffee, because coffee will absorb other food flavours and destructive moisture. Instead store your coffee grounds/beans in a sealed container in a cool, dry, dark place.
  • Never pour hot water in a drip brewer, always use cold water.
  • For iced coffee, instead of putting ice cubes in your coffee, brew a fresh pot of coffee, let cool to room temperature and then pour the coffee into ice trays. Freeze. Add to coffee and, when the cubes melt, your coffee will not become weaker.

Last Chance Food Disaster Contest!

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I enjoy your questions and tips, keep them coming!

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