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How-to Choose the Perfect Lighting Fixture

Marc Atiyolil, Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Home Trends Magazine gives us a few simple tips to help us select the perfect light fixture.

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Light Fixtures by Living Lighting
Mixing and Matching Fixtures
Gone are the days when everything had to be an exact match! As designers, we have been pushing the barriers of traditional design and pairing fixtures from different collections. To achieve this look, compare the fixtures’ finish and style. To create a unified look, ensure they have similar finishes and a common thread in their shape.


Light Fixture by Living Lighting

Size Matters
The scale and proportion of the fixture will affect the overall look of the room. The rule of thumb is to add the room’s width and length in feet, then replace the total increment with inches. This will give us an approximate width of the fixture required to be in scale with the size of the room. For instance a ten foot (length) by ten foot (width) room will give us a total sum of twenty feet (length + width). Once the sum is calculated, replace the word feet with inches. In this case, it gives us a final measurement of twenty inches as the optimal width of the room’s light fixture.


Light Fixture by Living Lighting

Would You Like a Lamp with that Fixture?
Changing floor lamps and table lamps is one of the most cost effective ways to give a room a new look. Think of a lamp as an accessory that adds visual interest, colour and texture to a room’s design. Look for a stunning fabric used on a shade or an architectural detail on the base of a lamp.


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