How to decorate a room with simple things? In the mood to update the décor in your home but want to keep the project as simple and budget friendly as possible? Read on and we will show you some great tips to brighten and refresh any room with every-day items and some surprising ideas.

Fruit for the Kitchen

It might sound a bit cliché, but remove all of that fruit sitting in your refrigerator or stacked in a bowl on your counter top.

Fresh fruit embodies a space that already entices a display of fresh food.

Bright and bold fruits such as oranges and lemons make for a particularly enticing display. Use glass or acrylic trays and vases instead of the usual bowls. Stage the fruit with the vibrant colors in the centre. Ensure the displays are well within reach where your guests will feel comfortable reaching for a juicy piece of fruit.

Contrasting colors work well in a white or light colored kitchen. Display ideas are endless, just use your imagination and be creative. Antique “depression glass” bowls or plates work well and can be found at antique shops, thrift stores or yard sales. So, put your fruit on display with pride. Put those apples and oranges to work and brighten up your kitchen while encouraging healthy snacking at the same time.

How to decorate a room with simple things: Books for the Bedroom

For bookaholics, (yes, that is a thing) not having a book to read before going to bed is akin to not having coffee with your coffee cake.

When you finally read the last page of your latest novel, instead of tossing it aside or giving it to a friend – consider using the book as a décor item in your bedroom.

It’s true. Books offer an excellent option when wanting to make a simple décor change to your bedroom. Most book covers also come in a variety of colors and textures, offering the possibility to maintain your bedroom’s current color décor. Books add visual interest and can be displayed on creative shelving, floating shelves or by placing them in baskets.

Place a photo between a row of books if you want to break the alignment on a shelf. Books can also be displayed horizontally with a crystal vase placed on top. The options to get creative with books in your bedroom are endless and make for a simple yet unique strategy to up the décor factor while displaying your collection.

How to decorate a room with simple things: Decorate your bathroom with towels

Towels are no longer only for drying your hands or throwing on the floor. These bathroom fixtures have often been ignored and simply used for their drying purposes. Although it is recommended to leave the “working” towels well within reach so as not to confuse family or guests, doing creative and remarkable things to how your towels are being stored is another matter entirely. Here are some great ideas to give your bathroom a simple yet appealing décor boost with towels.

Floating shelves are an excellent option when looking to display and store towels. They provide ample space and allow you to switch up your folding techniques. Mix up rolled towels with regularly folded towels and add a towel caricature at the very top. There at tons of instruction videos available online where viewers are shown how to make towels into swans, flowers, bunnies, etc.

Wicker baskets are an excellent way to store towels and can be placed in a visually appealing part of your bathroom. Another idea for baskets, is to mount them on the wall. Store hand towels, wash cloths and bath towels close at hand while keeping them organized.

Pillows and Throws in the Living Room

It always amazes us how a few simple pillows and throws can breathe new life into a living room.

The addition of new fabrics and colors can not only be visually appealing, but can completely change the feel and energy of the room.

There are tons of options when it comes to pillows and throws which can leave you scratching your head in confusion. Despite the number of textures, styles and colors available, we will give you some pointers on how to choose what will work best in your living room.

One of the simpler formulas to help limit your options includes choosing one simple print, one busy print, and one solid. You can also opt for one small print, one big print, or one solid. Place the larger pillows in the far corners with the smaller pillow on the inside. Remember, that although decorative, pillows are all about comfort. Try not to stuff so many pillows on the couch that it becomes difficult to sit or find a comfortable position. The idea is to offer comfort, not what may feel like a duel with a bag of marshmallows.

We also suggest sticking with one color and three patterns. If you want one color, choose three different textures of fabrics then use a bold print as the contrast point. For example, use a bright pattern in the center of the couch which can either be a floral or plaid pattern. Stick with fabrics and textures that complement and balance each other out.

Throws add both texture and warmth to any room. Not only do throws up the style factor, they also play right into the theme of comfort and warmth. Simply tossing a throw against the back of your couch offers a welcoming and inviting feel.

Try matching your throw with the pillows to give a lovely touch of elegance.

Or if you are wanting to give a bit of contrast or pop, a bold colored throw that matches the hues of your pillows and living room’s color theme will work well. Throws come in a variety of colors, textures and fabric choices making an excellent, yet simple way to brighten and refresh your living room.

Maps in the office

Adding a map to your office décor is a great way to not only keep you geographically adept, but also add visual appeal in a stylish manner. Maps also add charm to any space and are a great way to cover a bare space, especially within a working environment. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate a map into your office space.

Map Wall Art Pieces come framed or not framed. Choose a map of your city or if you wish to go with a navigational theme, marine maps also make a lovely addition to any office.

Vintage maps are also an excellent option and can be even more personalized by using vintage maps that include the living places of your great or even great great grandparents.

The possibilities are endless as are the materials to use for an office map. Get creative with a cork board, string art or led lights. Whatever you choose, a map makes a great addition to any office. – Text by Cora Lee Ertler

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