The concept of curb appeal has been around for a long while, encouraging homeowners to focus their energy on the outside of their homes, in addition to the inside – and for good reason! Did you know: homes with high curb appeal tend to sell faster and for more money? Further, the impression your home makes on the outside can greatly affect the impression it makes on the inside. In other words: if your home’s exterior is sloppy, potential buyers may be (inadvertently) less impressed with the interior. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few handy hacks to help you up your curb appeal game and keep it up! 


Master Your Mulch 

Looking for a way to add some vibrancy to your home’s exterior, but not exactly keen on repainting? We suggest you mulch! Organic mulches colored with vegetable dyes, such as red cedar bark, can add a welcomed,  (temporary), pop of color to your front garden.  


Paint Your Brick 

Freshen up a brick exterior and lend it a look that’s more contemporary by painting it, (or spray painting it), a bright, unconventional color. For a more classic feel, paint your brick white. For something more contemporary, consider grey. On the flip side, refresh your brick with a layer of terracotta (aka brick-toned) paint or spray paint.  


Use an App 

Curb appeal woes? There’s an app for that. Front Door Paint is an app that lets users see what their front door would look like painted a different color. Simply take a photo of your door and peruse through dozens of color options.   

For some front door color inspo, click here.

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