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How to Have a Safe Office Chair Race

With the Olympics just around the corner many of us are letting our hair down a little and having some fun and games in the office. Games in the office can be fun but they can also be dangerous. In fact, hundreds of people each year are injured by office chairs, which is why it’s so important to keep safe whilst you’re having fun.

If you’re planning an office Olympics and want to organize a bit of chair racing then follow these tips to make sure that all your competitors have fun and are kept safe:

Check Your Chairs

If you want to make sure that your race will be as safe as possible then check all the chairs that will be used thoroughly. Look at the castors and make sure that none of them are loose and ensure that any mechanisms used to adjust the chair height are in good working order. The last thing you want is for a castor to fly off a chair mid race as this could injure the racer and spectators too.

Check Your Racetrack

Before any race takes place you should decide where you will hold the race and make sure that the area is safe. Try to pick somewhere that’s as spacious as possible and if you don’t have the space then consider moving a few desks to make a bigger area. Look for anything on the floor that could obstruct a wheel such as a tear in carpet or a lumpy floor.

Have A Rehearsal

Try rehearsing the race before the main event so you know the route your competitors will take. If there are any problems with the route then they will most probably come up in the rehearsal so you’ll be able to deal with them before the main event an possibly move the race if the area you’ve chosen doesn’t work.

Wear A Helmet

If you’re racing outside such as in a car park then ask competitors to wear a helmet when racing on office chairs. Even if you’re not going very fast a bang to the head can still cause a lot of damage so if you want everyone to be protected then make helmets compulsory.

Keep Control

Make sure all your competitors understand the rules of the race and ask them to keep a cap on their speed and not to interfere with other racers.

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