If you do not know already, one of the biggest moments in UK history is happening soon in London…the 2012 Olympic Games! Since 2005, England has been up in arms with speculation about grandiose event with issues concerning planning, tickets, construction – you name it! But finally it has come around and the world will come together to watch their nation’s top athletes compete to bring pride to their individual nations.

The Olympics is known as ‘the greatest show on Earth’ and since this year it is being held in London with ultra-amounts of hype surrounding it…the question can be raised, what kind of records will be broken this year? Will it be the most expensive Olympic Games ever? Will Usain Bolt break the speed barrier? Will Phelps take home 59 gold medals? Well, all these questions will be answered soon enough…however here are a few other records which have already been broken by the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The Official London 2012 Olympics Film – ‘Sport At Heart’

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Paralympic World Records

London’s Olympic Stadium boasted its first Olympic world record in May when British wheelchair racer Hannah Cockroft set a new standard in the T34 category for the 100m event. A second was then created when Michael McKillop took 15 seconds of the 15,00m T37 category.

Biggest Security Budget for an Olympic Games

Security is an issue, with fears of the Olympic Games being a potential target for a terrorist attack. It is estimated that around 900 million has been spent on providing London is secure as possible.

World’s most Creepy Olympic Mascots

Maybe more opinion than fact…but still worth noting none the less! Check out the mascots which look more like the aliens from the Simpsons than Olympic torch bearers! Knowing the Olympic committee, they probably spent a billion or so designing these monstrosities!

London 2012 Mascots Film 1 – ‘Out of a Rainbow’

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Most Expensive Olympic Logo ever

The London Olympic logo might as well have been imbued in gold it cost so much; 400,000 to be precise! Designed by a chap named Wolff Olins – it has been ‘bigged up’ by organizers but severely criticised by pundits.

Usain Bolt Break’s records

This hasn’t even happened yet, but we all know it’s going to happen! With the fastest man ever documented to stride this planet, Usain is hotly tipped to throw some big world records our way – he might actually put some effort in this time… who knows!

World Leader Attendance

120 heads of state consisting of different presidents, queens, kings and Sheikhs will be making the grand journey over to London to marvel at the Olympics. This will beat the previous record of Beijing’s 82 in 2008. While world peace or poverty might not be being discussed, they sure will be being entertained by the whole epic – including Danny Boyle’s 27 million pound opening ceremony.

Women’s Boxing finally gets a jab!

The Olympics in London will mark a step forward for women boxers worldwide, who are finally being recognised. Female boxers will compete in three weights: flyweight, middleweight and Lightweight.

Ticket Sales through the Roof

Many people want to go to the Olympics – and have unfortunately been left empty handed. You might think the staggering 8.8 million tickets is a lot, but when you think about London has just seven and a half million people living in it alone, it really puts it into perspective why a lot of people are unhappy! Too many people to please!

Bird Boxes a plenty

In effort to make the London Olympics environmentally friendly, the Olympic committee has installed 525 bird boxes in the Olympic park in Stratford. On top of this, a few bat boxes and otter holts were also constructed.

Third Time’s a Charm

London is creating world history by hosting the Olympics for the 3rd time. No other country has managed to pull it off – England has already hosted it twice in 1908 and 1948.

In conclusion, there are many records that have already been broken in a plethora of different ways. We will just have to wait a little while longer until we find out just how many more will be broken!

This post has been provided by Lisa, a freelance writer who currently works for Ladbrokes Bingo.

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