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4 Ways to Improve the Look of Your Front Door


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The front of a house is the first introduction to a home. It is the initial preview and ultimately sets the tone for guests when they arrive at your front door. It may also be the deciding factor whether your home looks welcoming or even appealing when considering resale.

The appearance of your front door is just as important at night, so don’t allow your house to disappear in the dark. Adding proper lighting is always a step in the right direction. Regardless of the type of lighting whether a hanging glow, bright wall scones or even subtle light posts, they will automatically bring life to an entry. Use up-lighting to enhance landscaping around the entry; the radiance of the lights will create a beautiful scenic backdrop.

The front entry is an extension of the home and it should exude the same elegance as the interior. The days of painting your garage doors to match the front doors are long gone. Experiment with contrasting hues and bring life to your façade. If you are living in a brick house and want to highlight the rusty red or deep auburn tones, think of ways to incorporate those tones into your paint colours. Allow the front door to stand out while keeping the garage doors more neutral and blended with your exterior surfaces. An alternative to painting the doors is replacing them.

When replacing front doors, consider the use of a natural wood such mahogany on more decorative homes. On a contemporary home I would be intrigued to collaborate with the existing finishes and add glass or metal insets. Never shy away from creating interest but keep in mind the front doors should complement your home’s exterior style. Often, mixing and matching is a great way to create visual awareness to your brick, stone, siding, and other surfaces.

Door hardware can be like that perfect accessory finishing off your tailored space. Shiny metals such as chrome, nickel or brass are the jewelry to your front door. However, it’s not just the metal you need to consider but also the shape. Strong geometry can beautify a front door and commonly it is the best way to embellish your entrance. For instance, if your front door has a curve at the top consider emphasizing that space by adding rounded hardware to the door. It is usually the smallest details that make the biggest impact. –  Text Erica Gelman, Principal Designer, House of Design Photography Larry Arnal

Want these look? Here’s what we used:

Entry Door:

Gallant Carpentry

Miliano Iron Door Inserts

Door Lock:

Chair Set:

Urban Outfitters

Planting Materials:
Sheridan Nurseries

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