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How to Make Budget Flowers Look Expensive

Flowers are a great way to add some color into a room, step up your holiday decor or simply give your home a more fresh and floral look and scent. Unfortunately, some flowers can cost a pretty penny. And with some only lasting anywhere from a few days up to two weeks, consistently outfitting your home with new flowers can be a costly undertaking.

Thankfully, there is an affordable selection of flowers on sale that can save you a lot of money over time. But how can you ensure these cheaper flowers can look just as beautiful and luxurious as the expensive ones? Well, that is exactly what this guide is going to look at. Keep reading to learn more about how to make cheap flowers look more expensive.


Cut and Trim Them Well

First and foremost, be sure to cut and trim flowers correctly. Expensive flowers and healthy and fresh flowers, and among the best ways to keep flowers fresh for longer is to trim the stem before putting it in water.

Flowers absorb and take in water through their stems. But if a flower is left out of water for too long, air can be absorbed instead. Even once the flowers are in water, this air will block some of the absorption of the water, thus limiting how much nourishment the flowers get.

By trimming the edge of the stem about a half-inch or so, and then quickly putting the flower in water, you can ensure water can be absorbed as best as possible. Also, you will want to take off all the leaves along the stem, as well. If these become submerged in water, they can introduce more bacteria and make the water look dirty and bad.

Keep Them Nourished

Keeping flowers nourished is an awesome way to ensure they look like a million bucks. While water helps flowers stay healthy, you also want to utilize some plant food. While there are several commercially-available options, you can also make your own if you want to save money or feel up to the task.

Flower food mainly consists of three things. You need an acidifier which will have the role of lowering the pH of the water, an antibacterial agent to prevent stems from rotting and keep the flower fresh, and then sugar to further nourish the flower. A common recipe is a bit of water, some lemon juice, some bleach and a little bit of sugar.

This affordable mixture can make flowers look good for much longer, and should simply be mixed with the water before adding your flowers to the vase. Be sure to find an exact recipe for how large your vase or bouquet is, as using the wrong amounts could potentially limit how effective the flower food is.

Consider the Vase You Use


The vase you use will also play a role in making your flowers look more expensive. While flowers are the first thing people will look at, everyone also notices the vase that they are housed in. Even cheap and low-quality flowers can look great in the right vase.

A simple glass vase can look great, but several other household items or things can be used as vases for flowers. This includes old watering cans, mason jars, empty bottles, pots, or even unique and custom-made vases. The choice is yours, but be sure to take the time to think about which vase would go well with the flowers, and not simply choose the first one you see.

Of course, make sure that the vase goes well with the rest of your home decor and doesn’t clash too badly with anything. It is a part of your decor, and needs to fit well with the rest of the space.

Utilize Some Filler

Another option is to use some filler flowers in your arrangements and bouquets. Adding some greens or cheaper flower varieties can take a run-of-the-mill bouquet and turn it into something special.

The more interesting and complete your bouquet looks, the more expensive people will often think it will be. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even add some seasonal greens like juniper or holly to make a more festive bouquet. In most cases, you will want to add your filler first, and then work your flowers in where it makes sense and where they fit the best.

Mix and Match Your Flowers

A nice varied bouquet featuring many different blooms can be another way to help your flowers look more expensive. Even just getting two affordable blooms and mixing them into one can create a luxurious statement piece perfect for your table or mantle.

Also, you could mix an expensive bloom in with a bunch of cheap ones to elevate them and ensure they all look great. Be sure that the colors, textures, and shapes of the flowers compliment each other and go well together, too.

Think About Staggering or Layering Your Blooms

Sometimes, making flowers look more expensive is as simple as getting creative with how your bouquets or arrangements are displayed. If you want to add some excitement to any arrangement, consider staggering or layering your blooms.

This involves cutting certain blooms a little shorter, and leaving others longer. When put together, instead of forming a line, your bouquet will be a bit more visually appealing and interesting.

The depth and height differences can be very appealing, and make it look like your bouquet was created by a professional, and came with a hefty price tag. This multi-level design is easy to replicate and shouldn’t take much work or effort, but can have very positive results.

By using these tips and hacks, you can ensure that your flowers look expensive and luxurious, while still remaining cheap and affordable. Many are not only great, but also incredibly easy to do, so there is no reason not to give them a try.

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