You might enjoy welcoming guests into your home, but that doesn’t mean your home is as welcoming as it could be. It might be dark, cold, and lacking comfortable furniture to make guests want to stay for as long as possible. If you want to create an entertainer’s paradise within your living space, take some of the following actions.

Picture: Aaron Burden

Purchase a New Lounge Suite

Not everyone sees the need for a large lounge suite or sofa when only a few permanent occupants are in their homes. However, if you’d like to welcome guests and feel proud of the space you’re presenting, consider shopping with leading furniture retailers like Kasala to purchase a new lounge suite. While a two or three-seater is more than sufficient for your family, you might consider sectional sofas with additional sofas to ensure everyone can have somewhere comfortable to sit.

Make It Smell Nice

Few things are as pleasant as walking into someone’s home and having beautiful fragrances fill your nostrils. Whether it’s freshly baked goods or the subtle scent of flowers, it can’t help but make you feel welcome. If you’re expecting guests to your home, think about what you’d like them to smell when you enter. Consider having a supply of candles on standby that can fill any room with a delicious scent.

Paint With Inviting Colors

If you’re renovating your home to be comfortable for your family and friends, don’t look past inviting colors to make those common areas appear more welcoming for visitors. While you can still use neutral colors for modernity, you can pair them with timeless shades of brown, blue, navy, and green for that touch of warmth and welcome. As you’ll only be painting one or two walls in a different color, you might also enjoy how straightforward it can be to change the paint in the future when tastes and trends change.

Clear the Clutter

Homes are lived in, so you get used to your own clutter and personal possessions scattered across surfaces. While clutter might be comfortable and normal to you, it might be less so for visiting guests who don’t want to have to clear a space on your coffee table to put down their beverage.

Sometimes, knowing friends and family will be coming to your home can be the motivation you need to invest in storage solutions. Coffee tables with storage, entertainment units, and ottomans can be a few of the many desirable storage options that suit your needs and help clear the clutter permanently.

Make Seating Accessible

Organizing furniture in your home can be hard work, especially if you have a challenging layout and a sectional sofa. However, guests might be more comfortable in your home if your seating areas are easier to access. Walk the most direct route from your guest entrance to the living room and take note of the flow to your sofas or chairs. If a seat isn’t easy to access, consider rearranging the seating area, so guests don’t have to shuffle uncomfortably around your lounge to sit down.

Making a living room comfortable and inviting for guests doesn’t have to be challenging, nor does it have to be expensive. Take note of these tips below and welcome guests proudly into your home.

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