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Keep Mother’s Day Traditions During COVID-19

Mother’s day this year will hit a little differently than year’s past; here’s how to keep Mother’s Day traditions during COVID-19.

Regardless of where you are in the world, Mother’s Day is grounded in tradition. In Japan, moms are gifted white carnations and notes of gratitude—a custom that dates back to World War II. Meanwhile, in France, moms are traditionally presented with a special flower bouquet cake. While a Western take on the day typically entails things like picnics, flowers, and brunches with friends and family, COVID-19 has forced a lot of us to rethink our plans. If your Mother’s Day traditions have been squelched, we’ve devised four, pandemic-friendly ways to re-inspire them.

Instead of taking her out to brunch…

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While nothing quite beats a brunch buffet, a hand-crafted breakfast in bed serves up a close second. If you’re going to go this route, don’t skimp on the finer details. How to Keep Mother’s Day Traditions During COVID-19; think: a breakfast in bed tray, a meal with all the works (try one of these Mother’s Day Waffle Recipes), and maybe even a Mother’s Day cocktail served in fancy stemware. 

Instead of sending her flowers…

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Planting mom’s favorite perennial is a great way to enjoy the spring weather, spend time with mom, and create a brand new tradition. If mom isn’t in your household, consider planting her favorite flower in honor of her in her garden or yours.

Instead of taking a family trip…

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Though travel plans involving air travel are a no-go this year, hiking with your immediate family is a feasible alternative, so long as you remain two meters away from others at all times. Before you set out, do thorough research and consider making a phone call to the city to find out which trails are still open to the public—and at what capacity.

Instead of buying her a card…

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Though you can technically still buy mom a card from the store, in the spirit of re-inspiring old traditions, consider creating one from scratch this year. If you’ve got young kids in tow, find child-friendly DIY card ideas and printables here. If you fancy yourself crafty, find a more elaborate card idea, which uses a technique called quilling, here.

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