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SMALL SPACES: Maximize Every Square Foot In Your Home

We were recently called in to stage the living room of a vacant condo.  In this living room there was a small nook area that buyers were having difficulty envisioning a use for.  With nothing to define the small space or provide scale and proportion, the area appeared to be very small and seeing how it could be used was very challenging.  At first glance, we guessed the space was no more the 36” wide and 12” deep if we were lucky.  After pulling out the tape measure we found it actually measures 42” wide by 16” deep.  We immediately thought this would be the perfect place for a home office / work space!  To show potential buyers how the space could be maximized, we brought in a desk and a chair then added a small lamp and accessories to showcase how the space could be used.  It is now easy to see there is also enough wall space to add a few shelves for more storage and / or a bulletin board if needed.

Small Spaces

An empty room will always be perceived as being smaller than it actually is as there is nothing to provide definition and depth.  The addition of furniture and accessories provides the much needed scale and proportion as well as an explanation of how a space can be used which allows buyer to connect with the space.

RESA member, Kelly Penuita is the Lead Interior Stylist at DecoChic Interiors where she specializes in Residential Interior Decorating and Home Staging in Winnipeg, MB.  Her company is based on integrity, respect and trust – the fundamentals to building relationships with their clients.  www.decochicinteriors.ca

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