Exotic hardwood floors are a quintessential choice for most homeowners today. It infuses new life into a home, whilst serving its purpose as a durable and robust flooring installation. Exotic hardwoods such as Teak, American Walnut and Iroko produce some of the best exotic hardwood floor products. Choosing an exotic hardwood floor should be done judiciously as they are relatively expensive and our usually purchased as a long term investment. Here are some tips to consider while purchasing exotic hardwood floor products.

  • Maintenance and care – The first thing to consider while buying exotic hardwood floor products are its care and maintenance. Quite often the more exotic varieties require specialized care in order to ensure their longevity.
  • Explore the varieties – There are several exotic hardwood floor products that are available in the market. Since it’s a life investment it is best to explore all the varieties and evaluate them on the basis of their price, availability, as well as the color and quality.
  • Compatibility – It is an aesthetic requirement that your exotic hardwood floor is compatible with the décor of your home. Choosing otherwise would ruin the aesthetic appeal and design of your home. On the other hand an exotic hardwood floor that complements the existing décor can create a blissful aura and create immense visual appeal.
  • An Exotic look – Move over contemporary hardwood floors, exotic hardwood floor products can transform the dynamics of your home overnight and give it an exotic look.  Exotic hardwood floor products are made out of rare woods, which contribute to their unique appeal.
  • Value for money – One of the major benefits of investing in exotic hardwood floor products is the fact that the can last a lifetime. However, most exotic hardwood floors tend to be expensive. Hence, before making your purchase be sure to check the grain of the wood and check for signs of moisture. This would ensure that you get your value for the money invested.


  • Installation – If you are looking for exotic hardwood floors for your new house, you might want to consider engineered exotic hardwood. These floors typically require very little maintenance and are very easy to install. Engineered exotic hardwood floors can also be customized to suit your tastes and requirements. Choose from a variety of intricate and modern patterns that would give a distinct look to your home.
  • Moisture content – The moisture content of hardwood floors vary. If you are living in an area that has high humidity you should opt for an exotic hardwood floor with a low moisture content to prevent the wood from getting damaged.

There are several things to consider before spending your hard earned money on an exotic hardwood floor. Using the tips mentioned above to your advantage, you can hone in on the most appropriate exotic hardwood floor for your home and rest assured that you have made a sound investment that would last you a lifetime.



Eric Hurst writes for National Hardwood Flooring, a low cost online flooring retailer.

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