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Increase household functionality for people with physical limitations

(NC)—For individuals living with chronic conditions or mobility issues affecting dexterity, simple tasks like dressing one’s self and combing one’s hair can prove to be extremely challenging. Assistive technology devices can help a person with a disability perform activities that may otherwise be difficult, leading to a more independent life.

“For people with the physical limitations relating to conditions like arthritis, MS and cerebral palsy, assistive devices and home modifications can play a critical role in increasing people’s independence and confidence,” says Dinah Hampson, a Toronto-based physiotherapist.

Tips for adapting the home to help individuals with movement limitations:

• Special telephones and television remote controls with oversized buttons can help compensate for limited range of hand motion.

• People who lack the dexterity necessary to operate a standard keyboard can try using a keyguard, a plastic or metal shield that fits over a standard keyboard that prevents incorrect keystrokes.

• Invest in small house hold appliances such as automatic can and jar openers to help with food preparation.

• Touch activated or hands-free faucets for the home, like Delta Faucet’s ADA certified Lahara lavatory faucet with Touch 2O.xt technology, can help individuals with limited hand dexterity or strength turn faucets on and off more easily with just a tap.

• For individuals who rely on canes or wheelchairs, stair lifts can be installed in the home to enable safe travel up and down staircases.

• Adjustable ADA certified benches can make entering and exiting the shower easier and safer.

• ADA certified grab bars can help prevent slips or falls in the tub or shower.

• Devices such as button pullers, zipper pullers and dressing aid sticks can help individuals with limited hand dexterity dress themselves independently, restoring dignity.

More information on ADA grab bars and faucets can be found online at


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