A basement renovation should never be a last minute project. There are many possible complications that can be very costly if time is not taken for proper preparation and planning.

Don’t scrimp on lighting! Basements can easily become dark, dingy places you’d rather avoid. Invest in good lighting to ensure your basement is a welcoming space that you’ll be excited to use for years to come! Adding proper lighting now will be much more cost effective than trying to improve the lighting later on!

Save time with a DRIcore SMARTWALL panel system! Traditional 2’x4’ construction can be a 8-10 day project but DRIcore SMARTWALL panels come ready to install and simply snap together, allowing you to finish in a day or less in many cases! The panels include the framing, insulation, vapour barrier and built-in channels for plumbing and electrical all in one step. Once installed, you just putty and paint!

Always install a subfloor! Installing flooring directly onto the concrete will result in cold floors, an increase in unhealthy mold growth under the flooring and moisture damage. A proper subfloor like the DRIcore Subfloor panels will make a basement warm and cosy while keeping moisture under control.

Don’t forget the basics! With all the excitement surrounding a renovation or design project, you want to make sure you don’t forget the following:

  1. Insured: Consult with your home insurance provider to see if your plans will affect your coverage. For example, some insurance policies may be void if electrical work is not done by a licensed professional.
  2. Inspected: Have the basement inspected by a professional to make sure there is no foundation issues, water issues or hidden problems that could mean expensive repairs down the line.
  3. Permit: Consult with your local permit department to see if your project will require a permit (most likely the answer is yes) and what will be needed to apply for the permit.

PRO TIP Be sure to create rough blueprints, taking into consideration ceiling height, floor joists, ductwork and other items already in the basement.


Photo by Larry Arnal, Space Designed by Evelyn Eshun, Expert Advice Provided by DRIcore



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