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You’ve emailed your flooring questions and we’ve answered them with the help of the experts at Nufloors Coquitlam. Let’s take a look at what they have to say.

2Q: I have a long, narrow family room with hardwood flooring and I’d like to add an area rug. The odd shape makes it very hard to use a standard area rug. Short of ripping out my flooring and installing carpet, what can I do?

You have a few different options in this scenario:

  1. Enlist the help of Tuftex’s Cut-A-Rug program and custom make or alter a rug to any style, colour or size you desire.
  2. Design a rug from scratch using an online program, order it and get it delivered right to your door.
  3. Purchase three or four smaller, narrower rugs and assemble them together in your family room. Take advantage of the fact that you have the opportunity to select multiple rugs, from a large selection, in a variety of shades and shapes.


Q: I have heard that low sheen finish is hot right now. Are there any benefits to a matte or satin finish on hardwood?

There are numerous benefits to matte or low sheen finishing when it comes to flooring. Matte finish can actually enhance the appearance of patterns, texture and grain on hardwood. These finishes also tend to show less wear and tear and are easier to repair, making them a smart choice for families with children and pets.


1Q: We have picked out flooring that we love and we’re planning to install it ourselves but my husband and I can’t agree on which direction the boards should run. Is there a correct way to determine this?

Yes, there is a right way! The boards should run from the front door through to the back of the home, so when you open the door, the boards should flow in the same direction. Remember to keep the layout of the boards consistent from room-to-room.


Q: I love the look of hardwood but we have a dog and two cats and I am worried about scratches on the new floor. Can you recommend a product that works well with pets?

Vinyl plank and vinyl tile (essentially LVT and LVP in today’s terms) is are good options if you have pets. These materials are made from elastic and synthetic materials, with protective coating, making them a good match for the claws and nails of your household pets. Vinyl is available in the most options for colour, style and resiliency. Laminate is good as it shows less wear and tear than traditional hardwood, however, it’s not immune to scratches. It also might be slippery for your pets to walk and run on. Oiled hardwood is another option or flooring with a matte finish, which generally tends to show less damage.

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