We are planning to build a new home next year. This is our first time building a home and we aren’t sure where to start! – Tanya


Hello Tanya,
There are five essentials homeowners should consider when preparing to build a new home.

  1. YOUR BUILDER A reputable builder can make the difference between a dream home and a nightmare. You should consider this to be a long-term relationship and choose a builder who understands your personal vision and design aspirations. A good custom home builder will have great insight and provide transparency. They will oversee the entire process, provide you with a home warranty (Tarion) and make your dreams a reality through good communication and tight scheduling.
  2. LAND SELECTION Involve your builder in land selection! At RS Homes, we use an in-house real estate agent who is able to suggest land to suit your needs or view a property you are considering to identify challenges that may affect overall budget, home size, future value and more.
  3. UNDERSTANDING YOUR NEEDS AND VALUES As homeowners, your needs and values will fall into three categories: financial, physical, and emotional. In financial, you’ll ask yourself the following questions: What is your budget? How much of a cushion do you have? For physical question the following: How do you live, work, and entertain? How do you envision the layout of your new home? What size will you need? Last but not least, consider this when assessing your emotional needs: What are your desires and fears throughout the building process? All three categories should be clearly outlined and discussed.
  4. GET A GUARANTEED BUDGET Be careful basing your decisions on the “lowest cost.” Choose a builder who is willing to provide a clear, all-inclusive budget that is guaranteed. Without this, you can be sure your final cost is going to be much higher than the predicted budget!
  5. CONSIDER YOUR CURB APPEAL The front elevation creates the first impression of your new home and should be an important consideration when planning the layout and location of the home on the property. You should also consider your outdoor living requirements including things like patios, gazebos, pools, etc. At RS Homes, we specialize in creating beautiful front elevations, exterior facades, and backyards so that your home is perfect both inside and out!


Text by Ramtin Sotoadeh, P.Eng., RS Homes


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