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We asked the experts at Modular Home Additions to help us determine if a home addition is a feasible option.


What criteria do I need to follow when planning a home addition?

A feasibility study is where two engineers check the structure and soil in order to determine if there are any issues preventing a home addition to be built. Poor soil conditions, a deteriorated structure or the lack of footings on a house are issues that will affect the possibility of adding a second storey addition to an existing home. It’s not impossible to fix these issues, however they might increase the budget required to add a second storey.

Building an addition on a narrow lot may bring forth a few extra costs. If excavation is needed and the new structure is too close to the property line, shoring might be required. Fire code will demand installation of non-combustible clad and Firecode Core (Type X) Drywall which may increase your renovation budget.

Shop around for quotes so that you can make an informed decision. Once you have the architectural drawings and the engineering work done, you will have to obtain a more detailed and accurate quote. Keep in mind that if the contractor has their own designers on staff, it might be prudent to use them instead of an independent designer. For example, Modular has a proprietary system for adding second floor additions, giving clients more options when renovating!



When working with a tight budget, you must prioritize where to spend your money to get the best ROI. These upgrades will get you the following return on investment.

BEDROOM Addition

ROI: 82%

WINDOW Replacement

ROI: 75%


ROI: 85%



When making your renovation wish list, consider upgrading these items if they are past their due date!

Furnace 15-20 years

Roof 20-30 years

Air Conditioner 10-15 years

Hot Water Tank 10-15 years

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