Inspiring Cultures  result is the perfect working tool for any colour design professional with key trends 12 – 18 months in advance of the markets to assist, stimulate, inform and inspire your business’s future.

Trend number three is Human Nature.  I have to pick this one as my favourite palette of the four trends.  I am convinced that nature has the most perfectly designed colour collections.  They are not only beautiful but are usually very soothing and tranquil sometimes in the midst of chaos.

Human Nature takes its direction from the most powerful designer.  This trend is a look at harnessing the power to heal sustain and enhance the quality of human life.  This is a colour palette with supportive qualities that reflect more than the nature of plants.  Design and technology investigate solutions from reptiles, arachnids and birds.

The acceleration in technical advancements is pushing boundaries and green solutions making exciting, affordable sustainable design a more interactive and viable option.

Humans stamp their mark in simple natural carvings.

Skeletal structuring from macro and micro bio-inspiration creates fluidity in construction and design.

High saturation colours from nature can be used  for decoration.  Living products and textures support elegant design.

This image just makes me smile as it combines Human Nature with Nature.

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