It’s true that getting your kids excited about meal-making is always easy if you combine some fun and creative activities. That’s why summer is the perfect time to introduce a ‘dessert night’ following your family dinner. It’s as easy as choosing an evening that works with everyone’s schedules and a few key tips:

1. Inspire creativity with fun dessert recipesGreat taste is all in the recipe. Just in time for summer, sundae specialist, Smucker’s, has put a twist on traditional kid food favourites—turning them into delicious desserts. From mac ‘n cheese sundaes to mini ice cream sliders or hotdogs, these recipes look so much like the real thing, it’s hard to believe they are actually delicious desserts.

2. A little organization goes a long way

Make sure dessert night is all about enjoyment by planning recipes and gathering ingredients in advance. This is also an opportunity to teach kids some of the basics of meal planning. They’ll have fun making the shopping list and even researching new recipe ideas.

3. Keep preparation short to leave more time for enjoyment

The best part of a family dessert night is enjoying what you make. Recipes should be simple and easy to make. And when everyone contributes—time flies. A good rule of thumb is to keep preparation under 15 minutes. Ice cream sundaes are always a perfect option because once made, they need to be enjoyed immediately.

A variety of sundae-inspired recipe ideas the whole family will enjoy can be found at

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