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Kids will scream for ice cream

Do you need help keeping the kids entertained this summer? Are you looking for an inspired birthday party idea? Why not create an Ice Cream Bar in your backyard? Kids can mix and match their favourite flavours and toppings and you don’t have to worry about the mess indoors.

Sita Kacker, Sita Kacker, Senior Product Developer, Frozen Grocery recommends the following tips and ice cream flavours:

• Give kids a variety of flavours. Try the new President’s Choice Ice Cream Shop PB & J, a classic flavour combination. Also popular is Cookies and Mint or Gold Ribbon Chocolate and Vanilla.

• Pre-scoop the ice cream into larger pre-chilled bowls, so kids can help themselves to their favourite flavour.

• Place the pre-scooped bowls of ice cream over ice to avoid melting.

•Or you can even make it all edible if you use the President’s Choice brown sugar waffle bowls,and save yourself the clean-up.

• Have a few backup bowls of scooped ice cream in the freezer to quickly replenish empty or melting bowls.

• Have an array of toppings in easy-to-access bowls with a good variety of colours and textures from crunchy to soft to chewy. For example: chocolate sauce is good with mint chocolate ice cream or fresh fruit pairs nicely with mango ice cream.

• Place any pourable toppings into plastic squeeze bottles to make pouring easier.

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