Balloons have made a comeback as party décor in recent years, but we’re not talking about helium balloons floating around at random. Today, balloon arches take a seemingly simple décor item and turn them into stunning decorative features. They are perfect for accentuating an entrance, creating a breathtaking backdrop and so much more. For those looking to save a little money, Lexy Balloons, a professional balloon decorator, recently released a collection of PRO DIY kits! These unique kits allow you to create your own displays using the same techniques as a professional. The kits are made with professional techniques and high quality balloons that you will not find in any other kit anywhere. In 4 easy steps you have a professional finish. Your guests won’t believe you did it yourself.

– Lexy Balloons,

When it comes to weddings and special events, flowers can make up between 8-15% of the budget on average. When planning the floral details for an event, brides often face two concerns; preserving their flowers to keep after the wedding and choosing arrangements that will be unique and memorable. Prairie Chic Designs has come up with a beautiful option that solves both issues. These stunning bouquets, boutonnieres and cake toppers all have one thing in common: they are wood and will last a lifetime! With hundreds of colors to choose from, they add something unique and memorable to any wedding. There are also extra touches available including magnetic boutonnieres (no more pins!) and even shotgun shell accents for the adventurous couple!

– Prairie Chic Designs,

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