• Start your design with an inspirational piece you love. My inspirational came from the chandelier with its fantastic combination of wood and black details.
  • White walls paired with a dark trim add a dramatic flair to the space while allowing the wood details in the table and chandelier to become the main focus of the room.
  • Contemporary accessories with little detail help to balance the dramatic look of this black and white colour scheme.


  1. Select Classic Light Buff (SW 0050) for your walls and Darkroom (SW 7083) for your trim.  Sherwin-Williams
  2. Hang a gorgeous Feiss chandelier between 23″ to 36″ above the table height. Robinson Lighing & Bath Center (CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR JO AND ENTER TO WIN THIS CHANDELIER!)
  3. Add an area rug. Crate & Barrel
  4. Add a beautiful table, placed at lease 32″ to 26″ from the wall. The Goods
  5. Add white and acrylic chairs. The Goods
  6. Add a painting. BoConcept
  7. Add a candle holder (EQ3), vase and porcelain bowl to finish the look. (Black Rooster)
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