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The kitchen is chock full of hard surfaces and rigid lines, which can be hardened further by a predominately white color scheme and stainless steel accents. A great way to break that toughness is to introduce patterned tiles, and lots of them. 2017 calls for personality and visual flare when it comes to tiles, and softness when it comes to your kitchen’s overall décor. 


Rich and saturated color

Gone are the days when walls, cabinetry and tiles were preferably light-washed and timid, serving as a backdrop for the rest of the kitchen’s décor. Now, the walls, cabinetry and tiles are the décor, and the 2017 trend forecast calls for them to truly shine. In keeping with Pantone’s color selections for 2017, designers are leaning towards green for kitchen tiles, particularly rich and saturated tones such as emerald green.


Playing with geometry 

If you’re not quite ready for patterns, interestingly shaped tiles are another way to vamp up your kitchen tile-scape. In 2016, and extending into 2017, hexagonal and triangular shaped tiles enforce a sense of current-ness and edginess to the kitchen.



When talking about tile, white tends to generally be the norm. White has been a staple for years in the tile industry, but in 2017 that fact is changing. As aforementioned, patterns and saturated color will be big players in the tile industry this year, and so will dark tiles, specifically shades of black, grey and navy blue. In previous years, those who steered clear of dark tones in their kitchens did it out of fear of making their space feel small. Now, that mentality has been reassessed; and when done right, dark colors are impactful, classic and can lend warmth. 

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