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The tuxedo kitchen

The décor trend, unlike the outfit, is relatively simple: white above the sink level, dark for lower cabinetry and floors. To avoid the dark and white ending up looking arbitrary, consider using the same finishing for things like cabinet and faucet hardware throughout. 


Wood in weird places

Wood tends to a lend a dimension of warmth to a space; a quality that proves to be particularly warranted in rooms that are typically cool like the kitchen or the bathroom. If your kitchen is predominately white and riddled with stainless steel, utilizing wood paneling for walls, the ceilings or back splashes can lend depth and amiability to your space.



We’re seeing a growing fascination with home automation, from homeowners and interior designers alike, indicating that the idea of home automation may soon transition from novelty to norm. Read more about ways to automate your kitchen here.


Colored cabinetry 

Colored cabinetry is not for everyone, but if you’re intrigued by the idea, 2017 is the time to test your décor chops. 2017 trends hover somewhere in the middle of bold and pastel; bright and edgy, but also being careful. Think: Pantone’s Serenity, Misted Yellow, Orange Popsicle hues. 



Color isn’t for everybody, and neither is classic black and white. If you find yourself in the aforementioned catch 22, we again suggest settling right in the middle of the above mentioned two choices. Classic grey tonalities are great for a few reasons: 1. Grey is classic, much like black and white, meaning opting for a grey color scheme in your kitchen is safe and will be time enduring; 2. There are tons of options when it comes to grey, extending of course to your material choice if you’re hoping to include stone on concrete in the mix; and 3. Grey pairs well with most other colors, making it a great replacement neutral for any room. 

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