Nature inspired colors and materials are one of the hottest trends for 2022, bringing the warmth and beauty of the outdoors into your home. In this kitchen, combining a soft green with warm woods creates a welcoming space that is kept bright and airy with plenty of white. A few touches of black give the space a grounded and modern feel. – Red Barrinuevo, ReDesign 4 More, http://redesign4more.com

Covid has transformed many aspects of our world and lifestyle. It has upended our normal routines. There are dramatic shifts in how we work, gather, have fun and collectively use our time. Creating a stress-free space to work productively at home is top priority these days. Home has once again become the center of where the heart is! Look into creating fun right at home with a movie theatre and entertainment space. With gyms closed, creating an inviting space to work out is very important. (A survey by the New Consumer and Coefficient Capitol published in December, found that 76% of consumers have switched to exercising more at home during the Covid-19 pandemic and 66% say they prefer it) – Risha Kolah, Capable Group, http://www.capablegroupinc.com

Finding balance between safety and comfort is important! With the UMOTION cordless feature you can cover windows of any size without leaving cords dangling that could be harmful to children and pets. UMOTION uses powerful fingertip control that is easy to use, quiet, fast and smooth! UMOTION zebra shades are taking over the market for being trendy and convenient. Two layers of alternating, striped fabric can be aligned to create an impressive attenuated view, staggered to create privacy, placed at any location in the window or raised out of the way for a fully exposed window. UMOTION cordless shades are arguably the best innovation in the window covering industry in decades. – Ariel Hunsberger, Uptown Windows, http://www.uptownwindows.com


A custom fireplace, built to resemble an outdoor firepit, creates the perfect centerpiece for this gorgeous sunroom featuring WeatherMaster Windows which allow you to create the open air feeling of a screened in room with the comfort, convenience and safety of an enclosed porch! – Bob Newnham, Sunspace Sunrooms, http://www.sunspacesunrooms.com


Are you looking to add some warmth, individuality and architectural interest to your home? There is no better way to achieve this than adding custom, quality wood beams! Hand hewn Canadian wood beams, available in a variety of stain and finishes, are a great way to add warmth, character and a natural touch to your home. Already have preexisting engineered beams? You can achieve that hand hewn look by wrapping your existing beams instead of replacing them! Integrated lighting is also an option, allowing you to combine functionality with great design! – Michael Bobula, Vintage Woodcrafters, http://www.vintagewoodcrafters.ca

Tall ceilings and large windows that take in the view all around are what make this home stand out but it also provides very little space for cabinetry. The perfect solution was a series of islands. Two oversized islands share the center of the kitchen, offering large work surfaces and built-in storage. A third island with tall cabinets on each end provides additional storage and workspace while also helping to define the kitchen space without blocking out the views.- Larry Koop, Heirloom Cabinetry, http://www.heirloomcabinetry.ca


Canadian design is globally influenced design. We are a multi-cultural country with influences from all around the world. Our location within the country, the local culture and natural environment play a big part in influencing our design choices. Here on the West Coast, there is a real love for nature and an interest in preserving it so sustainable design is really important. – Designer Lisa Moody, http://www.grapevinedesigns.ca
As seen in Celebrating Canadian Design. Find this special edition online now to see what designers across Canada say Canadian design means to them.

Canadian design is warm but fresh. Practical yet elevated. Clean but intriguing. I am forever inspired by our beautiful Canadian Prairies. The range of colors in our landscape, even in winter, always amazes me. On the Prairies, we are a practical people. Our clients gravitate toward materials that look great but can also stand up to the demands of life in the Prairies. We’re so integrated with nature here and I see that coming through in my design work with the use of natural materials and a variety of warm textures like linen, jute, wool, and leather. – Designer Kelsey Grose, http://www.farmersdaughterinteriors.com
As seen in Celebrating Canadian Design. Find this special edition online now to see what designers across Canada say Canadian design means to them!

Small space living is a lifestyle that has been trending for a few years now but the concept of small space living has much more to offer than just being trendy! Creative, quality small homes and buildings like the structures available from Befama are providing innovate solutions to a number of issues facing society today. Affordable housing that can be assembled quickly is a need around the world! Housing options for students, retired individuals and growing communities can be easily provided using a small home community model. These modular structures can also provide design-forward solutions for office space, temporary housing, cottage living and much more! – Greg Palamarz, Befama Homes, http://www.befamahomes.com

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