Macaronz is a boutique pastry shop and tea salon with a carefully curated selection that carries a Parisian Flair! Some of the most popular options at Macaronz include French Macarons (of course), Mini Donuts and Afternoon Tea available to enjoy in the salon or in a box to enjoy on the go! Friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to assist you in selecting your perfect treat from a wide array of goodies that also includes Madeleines, Crème Brûlée, Chocolate Cups, Buttercream Cakes & Cupcakes, Scones, Clotted Cream, Dry Scone and Cookie Mixes and their famous edible Macaron Cookie Dough and Ice Cream Sandwiches in a variety of flavors, each delicately packaged.

43 Queen Street East Brampton, ON

Chungchun Rice Hot Dog

Chungchun Rice Hot Dog started with the goal of making a memorable Korean style hot dog that can stimulate our nostalgia with traditional sensibility. Offering a chewier texture that brings back childhood memories, the Rice Hot Dogs come in 14 different varieties including the popular Mozzarella Cheese Hot Dog (half cheese, half hot dog) and the Volcano Hot Dog, long enough to fill your stomach! In addition to a variety of beef, chicken and pork options, Chungchun also offers cheese only, chocolate only and veggie versions.

5 Spring Garden Ave North York, ON

Easy Ways to Eat Sustainably

bon appetit

(NC) With climate change having more of an impact on our lives, many of us are rethinking the way we shop for, cook and eat food. If you want to start eating more healthy and sustainable foods, check out these quick pointers:

TO LIMIT FOOD WASTE, plan your meals before you head to the store so you’ll be less likely to buy more than you need. You’ll find that when you buy your groceries with purpose and think ahead you’ll be throwing out a lot less food that’s gone bad at the back of your fridge. Although modern technology,
trade and transport have made it so that all kinds of fruits and vegetables are available to us year-round, it’s still a solid plan to purchase produce that is being grown in season. Not only can it be kinder to your wallet, but buying seasonal produce ensures you’re taking home the best-quality products at peak freshness.
BUYING FOOD PRODUCED NEAR US reduces our carbon footprint, since it needs to travel less to reach our stores and kitchen tables. You should know too that some foods, like eggs, are always produced nearby, thanks to over 1,200 egg farmers in all 10 provinces and the Northwest Territories who work hard to deliver fresh, local, high-quality eggs year-round. Not only that, egg farmers across Canada are passionate about sustainable egg production. Working under the system of supply management they’ve invested in new technologies such as solar and wind power, and innovative farm practices to reduce their environmental footprint.

Learn more at Egg Farmers of Canada,

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