With the New Year just around the corner, many Canadians are making resolutions to help better their lives. This year, why not pledge to better your life and the lives of all Canadians by resolving to reduce your environmental impact. Challenge yourself to change some of your regular habits and make 2013 your most environmentally friendly year yet – it’s easier than you think.

“The start of the new year is the perfect time to start fresh and vow to make more eco-friendly choices. These choices will provide an example for future generations and teach them environmental responsibility,” says Mary Desjardins, the executive director of TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF). “For a greener tomorrow, we should all stick to our resolutions not only in January, but throughout the year.”

TD FEF is a national organization, dedicated to protecting the environment through the funding of local initiatives, and recommends the following tips to make 2013 your greenest year yet.

• Rethink your transportation needs: Reduce fossil fuel consumption by taking public transit, carpooling or walking instead of driving. If driving is your only option, be sure to check your tire pressure – properly inflated tires not only help increase gas efficiency, but make your tires last longer and enhance vehicle handling.

• Look for local: It’s possible to eat locally, even during the winter. Look for local meat and dairy products to add into your diet, as opposed to alternatives that are transported in.

• Go paperless: Many companies – including TD Bank Group – offer electronic billing solutions, so look to have bills sent via email to reduce paper consumption. And instead of printing them out, keep a separate file in your email for your bills to keep them easily organized.

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