How to Make an Impact with Color? Home staging experts share tips for choosing and working with accent colors in your home.

When creating a bold colored focal wall, you want to paint a wall that will make an impact and either has the main architectural element on it (like a fireplace) or a wall that will have the dominant piece of furniture against it. In this case, we created a stunning navy blue focal wall behind the bed to draw the buyer’s eye while creating high impact and drama. – Heather Cook,

Green is a great color for a space that needs a touch of nature. We used green as our accent color for this 24th floor downtown condo to bring nature up from below and life to the “concrete jungle”. – Laurie Usypchuk,

While pillows are hands-down the best accessory for adding color, it’s not up to just one accessory to bring in an accent color. Layers of the accent color in various hues and a variety of accessory choices will pull everything together. My top five accessories for adding color include pillows (and throws), plants and succulents, books, vintage china and food vignettes! – Mary Gordon,

When choosing an accent color for making an impact with color for staging, I tend to be drawn to blues. Blue pairs well with a neutral palette is on trend and isn’t too much of a distraction. It evokes feelings of calmness and serenity and it is one of the most popular colors which means it will appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers. – Amanda Shields,

You don’t have to choose a color to make a room pop. You can use different elements and textures to create the perfect balance in a neutral space. In this open concept space, I added drama and texture with a darker shade of gray on the dining chairs to tie in with the iron screen beside the stairs. The wood tones give the space a feeling of warmth while accents in gold and silver add that final pop of color in place of an accent color! – Liliana McInerney,

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