If you’ve been living in the same house for many years, it’s easy to get attached to your home. So, when you feel like you need more space, it’s hard to find it in you to move. So, why not stay where you are and just build a home extension instead? While you’re busy with the extension you could modernize other parts of your home, and make other improvements too – for example getting some oak doors. Internal oak doors are a great fashion statement these days – oak doors are cozy but sturdy, and internal oak doors offer an air of affluence that will impress any guests you have over!

Building an extension can require a lot of work. You’ll need to seek planning permission, and a surveyor will need to check your land to make sure that it’s safe, and that your builders won’t accidentally cut any cables or damage any pipes in the process of building the extension. Once all that red tape is out of the way, though, you’ll be able to get started on the actual building work.

Adding an extension will increase the value of your home, as will having oak doors installed. Even internal oak doors are likely to go down well with any future buyers, as they’re strong, sturdy, and usually qualify as fire doors for residential properties too. If you’re planning on selling soon, then getting an extension built may not be worthwhile, purely from the perspective of how disruptive the building process can be, but if you will be making use of the extension yourself for a long time then it’s definitely worthwhile.

Most builders will be able to do a lot of the extension work without disrupting your day-to-day life, but there may be some disruption when they go to wire up the extension, and add plumbing if required. The inconvenience should last for only a short time, however.

If you’d like an extension, but don’t think that you could afford one, then it may be worth looking in to home improvement grants and loans. These are usually aimed at people who have a specific need, rather than just a want, but if you have a genuine need for more space (for example, if you are expecting a child, or have an extra person living with you), then you may qualify for some assistance. At the very least, if you are working and have a steady income then a loan should be available to you.

You will find it harder to get assistance with other expenses, such as oak doors, unless you can prove that internal oak doors would help with insulation and renew your fuel bill. However, if you’re already getting financial assistance for your extension, then adding a small amount more to the loan for other expenses, including oak doors and perhaps carpets should not be an issue. Just remember that if you’re borrowing over a long period, it’s generally expected that the loan is for something that will last that long – so choose carefully. Your bank won’t appreciate you wanting to extend the loan every year because you don’t like the colour of the wallpaper!

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