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Marc Atiyolil’s Five Tips for Working with Colour and Pattern

Adding Visual InterestPhoto Courtesy of Feels Like Home 2 Me, feelslikehome2me.com

Adding Visual Interest
Photo Courtesy of Feels Like Home 2 Me, feelslikehome2me.com

Text by Marc Atiyolil, Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Home Trends Magazine; As Seen In Canadian Home Trends Magazine Summer 2013 – Styling Secrets

With Fall just around the corner, cooler temperatures are setting in and we’re spending more time indoors. This is a great time of year to freshen up the interior of your home! A fresh coat of paint in a beautiful colour and a few throw pillows in trendy patterns are great ways to bring new life to a room. I’ve compiled some of my favourite tips for working with colour and patterns to help get you started!

1. Design with Consistency
It is important that we tie all the elements – big or small – in a given space. If you have trouble colour matching, shop with a fabric and paint swatch. Analyzing colours under the same lighting conditions is the best way to get a perfect match!

2. Add Visual Interest
Incorporate printed patterns within a neutral colour palette to add visual interest. Common places to choose a patterned fabric are; accent chairs, bedspreads, pillows, or an area rug. Depending on your comfort level, choose one or two areas where the pattern will best suit the look of the room. In this bedroom, the chair acts as an accent that ties in the neutral colours of the walls and bed frame to the bolder lime green found in the artwork, tabletop accessories and accent pillow on the bed.

3. Mix and Match Pattern and Colour
Don’t be afraid to mix and match pattern and colour on accent pillows. A bed’s colour configuration should be a direct reflection of the room’s overall colour scheme. Don’t know how to layer pillows? It’s simple; start with the biggest pillows at the back and layer medium ones in front of the bigger ones. To finish off the look, add a few decorative pillows in front of the medium-sized pillows.

4. Embrace Bold Colours
Don’t be afraid to use bold colours on your walls and pair them with neutral coloured furniture. Lively wall colours create a dramatic backdrop for art pieces.

5. Choose Artwork that Works
Choosing the right artwork boils down to a matter of personal choice. Some love abstract oil paintings while others prefer framed photography. No matter what your budget may be, there is always an art option for you! TIP: When selecting art, make sure your room’s accent colours are found in the art pieces. Also, shy away from art pieces where the dominant colour is also your wall colour. Artwork should visually “pop” and make a statement.

Mix and Match Pattern and Colour Photo Courtesy of Simply Irresistible Interiors, stageandsell.ca

Mix and Match Pattern and Colour
Photo Courtesy of Simply Irresistible Interiors, stageandsell.ca

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