OxiClean Liquid Laundry Detergent“I love OxiClean
products as they
produce whiter, brighter
laundry and dishes
that sparkle! They
also make a great
housewarming gift!” -Mandy

wine_table“I love this wine
table! It’s a great
addition to any
dining room as it
beautifully displays
your favourite
wines.” -Marc

zen2“With our baby on
the way, I love this
Zen Swaddle! It’s
the perfect infant
swaddling blanket
for making sure that
baby gets a good
night’s sleep.” -Mandy


“For teens and adults who loved building blocks as
kids, these mini building blocks are a great way to
challenge yourself and build intricate pieces you
can display with pride.” -Marc



“Nothing is more frustrating
than a dried-up paint roller!
I love this Paint Roller
Cover as it keeps my roller
fresh for when I take it
out again to give my walls
another coat of paint!” -Marc

Taymor Shower Caddy 02-V1575PSS (2)


“This is a simple, clean
storage option for
bathrooms with limited
storage space!” -Marc



“Tekno Puppy lets your kids
have an interactive experience
with a pet they can train and
play with, without the mess.” -Mandy

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