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Modern Tech for Summer Living

We’ve had it all wrong for years!
We’ve looked at the outdoor and indoor spaces as two separate living areas when really, we need to look at the outdoors as an extension of the indoors. By doing this, we significantly increase our overall
living space.
Turn the back deck into your living room and make your outdoor space the focal point of the best summer ever! There are a lot of areas where technology can help.
Smart BBQ’S tell you when your food is perfectly cooked and smart lights turn on just before dusk.
Cameras let you see your space from anywhere and proper Wi-Fi coverage makes it all work together.
Music drowns out the noise of the city. Modern speakers blend into your landscape, seamlessly creating an immersive experience instead of blasting music into your neighbor’s yard.

Outdoor TV’s can be used in bright sunlight and even in the rain. You are going to love watching TV and sports, seeing your favorite band playing in concert or watching a movie in the backyard with the kids!
Figuring out how you want to live in your backyard is only part of it. The other part is figuring out the best
way to control it. You should be able to easily talk to your house! You can use an app or even use your
own voice to make your outdoor space come alive.
Increase your living space with technology and live outdoors: it’s a lot easier than you think!

Michael Freedman, Audio Insider
Technology Design Group

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