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Money- and Space-Saving Supplies for Small Apartments & Condos

While apartments may not be as large or luxurious as full sized homes, they offer a number of notable advantages. For one, the lower cost of renting will allow some comfortable wiggle room inside your budget as well as fun decorating. Another advantage is that the smaller space will be easier to clean and maintain.

Of course, having a smaller space to take care of also means that you will have less space to store your supplies, so it’s important that you invest in the appropriate cleaning items.

Here are some of the supplies that you’ll want to purchase for your apartment.

Basic Cleaners

You will not need nearly as many cleaners for your apartment as you would for a fully equipped home. A single all purpose cleaner will get most of the tasks done.

Beyond that, a bottle of glass cleaner will allow for thorough window and mirror work. The only additional cleaner that you may want to buy is a wood cleaner, and that will only be necessary if you have a substantial amount of wooden furniture or decor.

Multi-Tasking Cleaners

There are several items you can purchase that can work as cleaners, but also serve other purposes. Baking soda can work well for scrubbing surfaces, or as one of the ingredients in more complex home cleaners. And don’t forget its famous usefulness as an air freshener.

Vinegar can work very well for mopping or surface cleaning, and lemon juice cuts through dirt while freshening the smell of the cleaned area.

Supplies for Your Dishes

Even if you have a dishwasher, you will need to do some pre-washing to make sure that you get the dishes thoroughly clean. You will need scrubbers, sponges, and dish soap to wash the dishes, and dish rags so you can dry them off.

Supplies for Your Laundry

Whether you have a washer and dryer unit inside your home, a coin-op inside your building, or a laundromat that you visit regularly, you will need to purchase your own laundry detergent, fabric softener, and stain removing cleaners. you can keep these items next to your hamper if you’re struggling to find storage space.

Larger Cleaning Supplies

Luckily, most apartments come equipped with a broom closet. Not surprisingly, this closet is an ideal place to store your broom and dustpan. You will also want to put a couple of other large cleaning supplies here. A mop with a bucket will be needed for the tile in your kitchen and bathroom, and a vacuum will be needed for your carpet.

Supplies for Small Spills

Even if you have a larger upright vacuum as a part of your supplies, smaller items can be great for the detail work. This will help you clean up smaller spills, and will often be the best tool to use when cleaning the carpet of your vehicle. A few cleaning rags and some paper towels will generally be all you need for small spills on your tile or counter tops.

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