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Multifunctional Gizmos and Gadgets For Your Kitchen

Less than two months into 2017 and it’s already becoming clear that consumers are demanding more from their stuff this year than ever before. In the kitchen, that ‘more’ could refer to more capabilities and features, as we’ve seen with the advancements in smart appliances, or more efficiency, as in energy efficiency. ‘More’ also refers to more function, where one device fulfills the role of many, making performing those previously mundane kitchen chores a more novelty affair. Keep reading for five quirky gizmos you never knew you needed in your kitchen until now.  


WISP: The world’s first one-handed broom, so you can sweep and text simultaneously. At last.  

Photo Source: kickstarter.com

Read more about it here.


An avocado cuber; finally, a painless, mess-less way to prepare and enjoy a fresh avocado 

Photo Source: williams-sonoma.com

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2-in-1 creative cutting board with a detachable storage box. Chop, store, repeat. 

Photo Source: gearbest.com

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The Guzzini Spin & Drainuses the force of gravity to defy the mundanity of washing, draining, serving, and mixing.  

Photo Source: trendhunter.com

Read more about it here.


Herb scissors are great in the kitchen and also great as an impromptu paper shredder.  

Photo Source: amazon.ca

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