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Nine Interesting Ideas for Fall Themed Home Decor


With the onset of fall, the strength of sun starts to wane and it is also the time to bid adieu to the scorching summer. You can uplift the zeal of this highly awaited season of the year by decorating your home in a fall inspired home decor theme.

Now, you might be wondering as how to achieve this? Stay cool, as I will be discussing about a few simple and interesting ways to deck up your home in a fall inspired home decor. Read below to know how.

  • Make some nice arrangements with the help of changing leaves. Yes, collect those fallen leaves from your backyard, school yards, local parks, etc. With the progress of fall, the colors of leaves differ allowing one to vary his/her decorative arrangements and thus, pick some browns, oranges, reds or yellows. If you are a first timer with floral arrangements, then not to worry, as there are various resources and tutorials available online that will help you create your very own floral arrangements. In addition, I must tell you that it does not require you to be an expert either, so be cool.
  • Include squash into your fall home decor theme. Before treading, steer clear your brains with the misconception that pumpkins are only meant for Halloween, as these can be used to beautify your dining table, coffee table, sideboards etc., during any time of the year. Include some dried corn, wheat and fall themed ribbons for creating a masterpiece and excellent focal point.
  • Add tang into the aura with scented candles. The fragrances of fall are harvest oriented, hearty and spicy. My personal favorites are apple, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, etc., as they allow the aroma to reflect the ambience of fall.
  • Instill fall hues to your cozy furnishings. It is a fantastic time of the year to use maroon, beige, tan, vermilion, orange, red, crimson, etc. An amazing means to achieve this is by having a floral themed area rug for your house. You may even give a nod to throw pillows, cushions, window blinds, etc. of floral or fall theme. Consider richer and deeper colors when shopping for area rugs, throw pillows, cushions, etc.
  • Add a fruitage wreath at the front entrance door. Create your personal wreath using apples, nuts, squash, wheat, etc. Feel free to use any vegetable or fruit available in your locality. Knit fall themed laces, braids, ribbons, etc. to spruce up the wreath.
  • Dust if off. Know that preparing for the fall is a bit like preparing a nest for having cozy nights. Thus, dust the bookshelves, CD and DVD collections, etc. Here, the aim is to have a clean and dust-free space to breathe and live in.
  • Stack your storeroom. Stack your pantry with harvest stuffs such as apples, potatoes, pumpkins, etc. You also might be eager to bottle things for the impeding winter thus; it is wise to make this as a part of your decorating endeavors. Preserves look wonderful when exhibited. Get wine, cider, spices, etc. for making mulled drinks as the nights turn longer. The aroma and taste is sure to instill a fantastic decorative spirit all through your home.
  • Bring in some baskets. Yes, baskets are excellent decorative items particularly, if you can get a few goat’s horn shaped ones. Use these baskets for arranging pine cones, harvested goods, pumpkins and gourds that you intend to eat. So no need to conceal these and other stuffs of interest!
  • Welcome fall to your home’s exterior with eccentric lighting. Note that guiding lights are not only meant for winter holidays, as they are apt for fall also when the sun sets earlier compared to other seasons. Candles that run on battery placed in paper bags with sand at the bottom makes for an appropriate guiding lighting. Those who love to go the traditional way can opt to place candles inside these bags and light each at the twilight.

Try some innovative, creative and artistic ideas for decking up the home and for rendering a graceful and elegant touch to the entire home decor. Fall is a wonderful season that calls for some momentous transformation in your home decor with seasonal stuffs that portray the spirit of this pleasant season in an innate and simple manner. Note that fall offers an excellent means to enliven the natural emotions, natural surroundings and mood.

Matt Walker is a reputed and established interior designer. As an interior designer, Matt has been the creator of some amazing and outstanding home designs for homeowners. His recent association with rugs and blinds is a boon to all his readers, as they get to skim through Matt’s write-ups pertaining to a number of diverse home decors.

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