According to a recent Canadian Tire survey, 61% of Canadians are regularly looking for new storage solutions and tips on how to better reorganize. Follow these three easy steps, courtesy of Jordan Shiffman, an expert in storage and organizational solutions, so that this spring you can have your dream garage and a spotless car to complement it:

Assess the Mess

Pick a sunny morning to pull everything out of the garage and take inventory. You’ll immediately see what you no longer need.

Our vehicles are more than transportation to us. They are mobile offices, entertainment rooms, team supply rooms and more. Clear out any garbage or junk and consider using a solution like Rubbermaid Mobile organization products to control car clutter and make your travelling more enjoyable.

Keep it Clean

Canadian Tire survey results also uncovered that despite spending an average of five hours a week in their vehicles, only half of Canadian drivers clean the exterior regularly (more than once a month). Pressure washing the garage and your vehicle is a great way to get rid of corrosive winter road salt or sand lingering in both places; Karcher makes a variety of pressure washers that can handle the job.

Zone Your Space and Think Tall

With the garage clean and clear, try to visualize where the big things like the lawn mower might fit. Also, designate areas for specific items like yard tools that you need regular access to. Use available wall and ceiling space for storage; customizable wall track panels like the Mastercraft wall system are useful for getting tools, sporting equipment, lawn and garden accessories off the ground, making space for your vehicle.

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