Storage & Organization

Organize your home in one minute, one hour or one day

organize your homeYou might not think you have time organize your home , but if you break down your tasks into smaller projects, your home can be clean and clutter-free. Canadian Tire offers the following organization ideas that can be done in one minute, one hour or one day.

Organize Your Home In One Minute:

• Throw out old magazines and newspapers

• Make your bed

• Hang up clothes

• Clean out the junk drawer

• Remove trash from your car

Organize Your Home In One Hour:

• Store last season’s clothes in bins and totes

• Fold laundry and put it away in drawers.

• Purge closet of unused clothes and footwear.

• Collect outdated toys and books to store or donate.

• Re-organize kitchen drawers.

• Re-organize kitchen cabinets

• Research what you need for a bigger organization project.

Organize Your Home In One Day:

• Install a closet organization system like the For Living Woodfield Wide Storage Kit

• Clean out and reorganize the garage using the Mastercraft Steel Shelving Unit and Homz DuraBILT Totes

• Organize sporting equipment using the Stanley 5 Shelf Storage Unit

• Organize toys in the playroom by using the For Living Modular 4-Shelf Storage Cubby

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