With holiday entertaining rapidly approaching, it’s time to start planning the festive foods you will be serving. Kicking off any gathering with a beautiful and delicious appetizer that can be prepared in advance is a tried and true strategy for any host. The charcuterie board is a timeless classic to serve at any party or gathering and we’ve got a few ideas to perfect your platter.

Here, Michelle Pennock, executive chef for the PC Test Kitchen, shares some ways to perfect your board. These tips are helpful for anyone building their first board and those looking to take theirs up to Instagram-worthy status this year.

Add a variety of meats. “Try to include a selection of meats, ranging from mild to spicy and delicate to hearty,” recommends Pennock. To save yourself both time and money, it’s a smart idea to buy a mixed pack of cured meats instead of multiple individual packages. The PC Splendido Antipasto Misto is the perfect solution, offering three varieties of meats including prosciutto, coppa di Parma and mild Genoa salami.

Sprinkle in some personality. Make your board interesting by including a mix of garnishes that range in flavours and textures. “I like to use pickles, sweet dried fruit, spicy mustard, crunchy nuts and crackers,” says Pennock. A selection of different items adds visual interest and usually leads to conversation as guests taste an assortment of foods.

Incorporate homemade. For an extra wow-factor, add a touch of homemade to your board. “It doesn’t have to be complicated — simply toss bocconcini with fresh oil and herbs or top burrata with roasted nuts and honey for an easy yet impressive dish,” advises Pennock.


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