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Pro Tips for Holiday Hosting

Everyone cherishes delicious holiday meals spent with family, but cooking for a crowd is no easy feat. This holiday season, celebrity chef Chuck Hughes is sharing his secrets for holiday hosts who want to impress their guests with a feast to remember:

Preparation is key: The holiday season is all about preparedness, and celebratory suppers are no exception. Taking the time to properly prepare your ingredients will ensure you won’t find yourself missing a key ingredient halfway into mixing the stuffing. “Making sure you have everything you need at your fingertips when cooking is an excellent way to ensure there are no unwanted surprises on the day of your dinner,” recommends Hughes.

Try the unexpected: That’s right — more often than not, the best recipes are not the most complex. This year, try curating a holiday menu with fresh ingredients. Instead of roasting a full turkey, opt for Chuck Hughes’ oven roasted chicken. Sticking to simple recipes, fresh ingredients and easy prep will keep you and your guests jolly.

Use the best tools: Choosing the best appliances for your kitchen can make all the difference in your cook time. Chuck’s pro tip: choose a powerful range like LG’s ProBake Convection. “It has a lot of great features, but what I love most is that the convection fan has been moved to the back,” says Hughes. “This ensures even distribution of heat for more even cooking than traditional ovens where the fan is placed at the bottom.”

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