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Pet Friendly Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that’s chock-full of tasty treats and fun … for humans. For pets, this may not necessarily be the case. Keep reading for five ways to make your Halloween celebrations fun for the whole family, four-legged companions included.  


Get Them Involved 

If you’ve got a social pup in your home, who you suspect may actually enjoy the attention from dozens of trick-or-treaters, give them a festive collar, bandanna, or find a way to incorporate them into your costume, and have them answer the door alongside you. Just be aware of how your pet is handling all of the attention throughout the night – if you sense any anxiety, find them a safe, quiet place to rest immediately.  


Dress Them Up – (if they want) 

There are a few things that are important to keep in mind if you want to dress up your pet:  

  • ensure the costume is not constricting and won’t limit their mobility 
  • always keep your pet’s head free 
  • ensure the costume has no possible choking hazards (steer clear of dangly items, such as bells) 

The fact of the matter is, many pets simply do not enjoy being dressed up, so the most important thing you can do is pay attention to whether or not they mind being dressed up. If you sense any kind of agitation on their part, it’s only fair you take the costume off.  


Invite Their Four-legged Friends 

Does your dog or cat have friends in the neighborhood? If so, why not get them all together for a Halloween party that’s tailored to them. Go one step further and make up literal doggy bags, filled with small treats and toys, to send home with guests later.  


Be Wary of Treats 

As Halloween season approaches, it’s important to keep in mind that many treats that are safe for humans to eat are toxic for pets. For instance, chocolate and raisins can have fatal consequences if ingested by your pup, and so can a common artificial sweetener called xylitol. But all hope is not lost – visit BarkPost for 15 DIY Treats You Can Make For Your Dog.


Spend Time With Them 

Not a big fan of Halloween yourself? Then why not use the evening to bank some good ‘ol quality time with your four-legged friend(s). Turn off your outside lights, put a bowl of candy at the front door, and have a movie/cuddle night with your pet.  

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