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Prepping for Fall: Tips to Get Your Home Ready

Who doesn’t love the change of the seasons – especially when summer changes to fall. The break from the heat, the chill in the air and the beautiful colors, something about this change is more comforting than any others — apple pie, it’s wearing shorts with a sweatshirt and jacket, football afternoons.  To ensure that you are ready for fall there are a few things to do before the temperature falls and autumn is officially here.

Check Furnace and Air Conditioner

With temperatures heading south for the winter it’s quite possible you may not need to turn on the air conditioner for a few months.  If this is the case, than it’s best to get your air conditioner winterized and get your furnace serviced and ready for those cool nights.

Caulk and Seal Windows

To make sure that your heat is staying in your house and cold air stays out, fall is the best to check the seals on your windows and use caulk to seal them if you feel a draft around the interior of the sill.

Fall cleaning

Just like in spring it’s always good to give your house a good cleaning.  Wash the windows before winter, dust, sweep, mop ­– give it the full treatment.  As you’re cleaning, it’s also a good time to go through your closet and swap out your summer wardrobe for your fall and winter fashion.  Donate anything that may not fit or you don’t want. This also helps in making room for holiday season gifts.

Last minute landscaping

Need more time get that summer project done? You know you have one. You’ve pushed it off because it was too hot or you were too busy. Guess what, the temperature is just right and you’re running out of excuses.  Maybe you have a walkway you wanted to build or seal your patio or build that deck or a garden and grass you wanted to till. Fall is great for all of those projects. Getting done in the fall will be nice in the spring and it won’t be looming all winter.

Cover plants

If you have vegetation that needs to be covered or trimmed before the frost, early fall is great. It’s just about dormant for the winter so protect it before it gets too cold and dies.  For added protection cut your grass and surround the roots of your plants with the clippings or much. This acts as an insulations blanket and will keep them from freezing.

Drain and Store outdoor Hoses

The last thing you want to deal with in the spring thaw is a broken pipes. Many times this will come from a garden hose that’s still attached. Before the first real cold snap, disconnect all of your hoses and blow them out so the water drains. This will keep the hose from splitting and ice from forming in the pipe. The same goes for your sprinkler system drain it and blow out the pipes to avoid any freezing and splitting.

Fall is a great time, but if you don’t take the proper steps to prepare your home for fall and winter, chances are you could have some trouble in the spring. Take these steps, then bake a nice warm apple pie cozy up to a fireplace and enjoy this wonderful season.

Bruce Zander writes for The Meadows located in Castle Rock, CO. Bruce enjoys biking with his family of five and other outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming and tennis. Find more information about the community here http://meadowscastlerock.com/explore/.

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