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Seven Steps to the Perfect Holiday Tablescape

A beautiful tablescape can seem like an intimidating prospect, especially when you’ve seen so many examples of polished finished products. But if you break down the elements of a good tablescape, you’ll find that a gorgeous, easy, and wallet-friendly solution isn’t very far away!

Before you start, take some time to consider the look you’re after, and gather up supplies.

1. Pick a color palette and stick with it.

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your options, color is the first thing you should consider. Stick to three or four colors at most, or the look will not be cohesive. Don’t feel forced into a traditional seasonal color palette. It’s not written in stone that a Thanksgiving meal needs to be decked out exclusively in fall colors, or that Christmas spreads all have to feature red and green. An alternative color palette can be striking and fun.

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A welcoming tablescape is the perfect way to start off a holiday gathering. And once you’ve gotten comfortable with the basics of a good tablescape, it will become easier and easier to mix and match different pieces, making a beautiful new arrangement each time.

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Sarah Olson is a freelance writer based in Seattle. Her writing reflects her expertise in graphic and interior design, as well as her interests in outdoor sports and travel.

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