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Custom Home Builder Questions

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Custom Home Builder Questions. What should I be asking when selecting a custom home builder for my new home? There are a few important areas that you should be asking about before hiring a home builder.

EXPERIENCE How long have they been in business? How many homes do they build a year? Can you view recent projects or current projects? Ask for client references to get personal opinions from current or past clients as well.

LICENSE AND WARRANTY A reputable builder should be licensed by your local province and offer a warranty. You should also ask if they are part of a local home builder’s association. You will also want to ask for details of the builder’s warranty provider and the coverage your home will have.

PEOPLE AND TRADES It is important to know who you will be working with. Who will oversee the project? Is there an in-house designer available? What trades will they be using and are they reliable?

BUDGET AND TIMELINE Discuss your plans with the builder to see if your dreams and budget align. Make sure to ask if there are any potential extra costs you should be aware of and discuss custom options that may affect your budget. Ensure you are provided with a clean and concise budget that takes into account potential cost overruns and also ask for a written schedule with a timeline for construction. The most important Custom Home Builder Question is to find out how often you will be updated on the progress. – Jas Rai,

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