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This house underwent a breathtaking transformation that turned it into a dream home. We had the privilege of exploring the remarkable renovation project and speaking with the talented team behind it.

The homeowners faced a decision between moving or renovating due to their love for the community and a need for improved flow and space. The kitchen, in particular, required attention. The design team embarked on a mission to strike a balance between creative space planning and a style that would satisfy the entire family. The result? A cohesive design that meets both practical and aesthetic needs. 

The family’s desire for an airy ambiance led them to opt for a light and bright color scheme with tasteful darker accents. The outcome is a clean and minimalistic theme with subtle Scandinavian and Mid Century Modern influences. The carefully selected colors and design elements create a serene and sophisticated atmosphere throughout the renovated space. 

To avoid unnecessary expenses, the team chose not to remove the load-bearing wall between the kitchen and living room. Instead, they focused on space optimization by incorporating a spacious kitchen island and rearranging furniture in the adjacent back room. This decision enabled the homeowners to achieve the desired open look without compromising the budget.

One of the most noteworthy features of this renovation is the stunning home office. With one homeowner working remotely part-time, a well-designed workspace was crucial. Previously, the basement housed a small desk surrounded by unfinished walls and a cold concrete floor. The renovation team stepped in and crafted a beautiful yet functional environment that now provides the homeowner with a delightful workspace.

In their quest for ample natural light and an open feel, the design team incorporated a stunning glass wall and doors into the home office. With no windows in this area, the glass features became the focal point, creating a sense of spaciousness and flooding the office with natural light. This bold choice adds a touch of grandeur and elevates the overall aesthetic of the renovation.

 Every renovation project encounters hurdles, and this transformation was no exception. Initially, the plan was to stain the existing dark hardwood floors. However, the desired stain color did not adhere as expected, resulting in a darker shade. The team quickly adapted and discovered that the natural blonde state of the floors was even more stunning than planned. This happy accident resulted in an outcome that surpassed expectations. 

What began as a simple renovation endeavor blossomed into a truly awe-inspiring transformation. The homeowners’ vision, combined with the expertise of the design team, turned a house into a dream home. The seamless blend of functionality, style, and creativity has resulted in a space that perfectly reflects the family’s needs and desires. This remarkable renovation serves as a testament to the power of thoughtful design and showcases the boundless possibilities that lie within every home. 

Project by House Crush Studio,

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