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Creating a space that embodies elegance, luxury, and functionality requires thoughtful consideration of the homeowners’ vision, preferences, and needs. The design concept that Designer Revi Mula and the team at Monaco Interiors came up with for this executive home north of Toronto stemmed from the homeowners’ yearning for a visually captivating, formal, and luxurious atmosphere. 

With a penchant for classic color schemes, Revi established a timeless foundation using black, white, and gold as the backdrop. Introducing Art Deco elements allowed for touches of glamour and added visual interest, aligning with the homeowners’ affinity for this style. The team’s primary focus was to create an ambiance that would captivate and provide a sense of luxury, taking into account the homeowners’ inclination for entertaining guests and their son’s culinary skills. 

The play of scale was a crucial design principle employed in this expansive space. By combining larger-scale items with more subdued elements, the design avoids overwhelming the area. This approach allows for visual interest, inviting spaces for relaxation and exploration, and ensures a harmonious balance for both the eyes and the body. 

Every piece of furniture in this home was custom-made, providing the opportunity to select precise measurements, finishes, and materials. This flexibility enabled the design team to bring their vision to life and create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Collaborating with skilled craftsmen and artisans ensured the realization of intricate details and finishes, such as the custom fireplace and perfectly matched wood trim.

Throughout the design process, the homeowner’s preferences and requirements were carefully incorporated. The inclusion of a coffee station, a designated area for the son’s culinary pursuits, and a focus on durability to withstand the presence of dogs and a nearby pool area were all addressed. The collaborative approach ensured that the final design truly reflected the homeowner’s desires. 

Designer Revi Mula believes that it is important that clients can trust their team as the renovation process can be a long and stressful process. By working with the homeowners from design to permits and right through to the final touches of the renovation, her team works to provide a stress-free experience for each homeowner. By focusing on the clients’ personalities and needs, they are able to create stunning, creative spaces like this one that are perfectly in tune with the homeowners; vision for their dream home! 

One significant challenge that Designer Revi Mula encountered during the design process involved the staircase. The homeowners desired an open design, while Revi had a personal attachment to its original enclosed form. Overcoming this challenge required setting aside personal preferences and focusing on meeting the clients’ needs. Through collaborative efforts and extensive discussions, a suitable solution was found, ensuring a harmonious blend of design and functionality. 

Space Designed by Monaco Interiors,


The hood vent positioned above the island is a showstopper with its wooden frame and hand-painted gold finish. Its formal appearance in black and gold creates a striking contrast against the white cabinetry. 

The custom-cut marble and gold metal mosaic backsplash adds an exquisite touch to the design. Its intricate patterns and luxurious materials elevate the overall aesthetic, making it a standout feature in the space. 

The grand scale of the hand-painted fireplace, crafted by artist Suzanne Pratt of Venetian Studios, complements the high ceilings and spacious room. The customized design, brought to life from a computer drawing, adds an artistic focal point and enhances the luxurious atmosphere

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