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Replace or Repair?

Photo Source: All Weather Windows

Photo Source: All Weather Windows

If the windows in your home are ready for an update, how do you decide if they should be repaired/repainted or completely replaced?

Condensation: Condensation between layers of insulated glass is an indication that your windows are no longer properly sealed. You may be able to simply replace the sash rather than replace the whole window and the replacement may be covered by warranty if the windows are newer.

Rot or Decay: If wood window sashes or frames have begun to rot, you will want to consult a professional to see if repair is possible. Minor damage from rot that is caught early may be repairable but if the damage is extensive, you may be better off replacing the entire window. Choosing a PVC window will eliminate this problem in the future.

Lead-based Paint: Prior to 1960, the use of lead-based paint was common-place. Windows that open and close are a major concern because the moving sashes can cause lead dust to be released into the home, potentially resulting in lead poisoning! A contractor who has been training in lead-paint removal should be hired to remove the windows properly.

Single-pane Glass: Older, single-pane windows offer very poor energy efficiency. If you find your windows causing a lot of heat loss in the winter and feel drafty, it is time to update!

Noise Pollution: If outdoor noise has become an issue inside your home, it may be time to upgrade your windows. Newer windows will do a better job of keeping noise out of your home.

Lower Maintenance: There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider a low-maintenance upgrade. Physical limitations and time commitments will make cleaning and maintaining windows difficult for many people. Perhaps you are preparing to retire and are looking to ensure your home will not require a lot of maintenance. Apex Alloy windows from All Weather Windows use Renolit EXOFOL-FX colour technology. This new colour technology creates a bold, durable colour that will hold up to harsh Canadian weather for years to come. This means they will be easy to maintain and will not require painting every few years in order to keep them looking great!

Style: If you have recently updated your exterior or are planning to update your exterior, do the original windows still coordinate with the new exterior? A more modern exterior may be a waste of money if you still have old, outdated windows!

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