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Roman’s Dream Kitchen:

A maze of colour and textures that boggle the eyes of anyone who gazes upon my kitchen – it must have been created in a nightmare. Decaying orange, musty tan and putrid yellow is not a kitchen experience for those that possess a weak stomach. I often prefer to enter in the dark because of the imminent danger of falling prey to this tortuous visual catastrophe. I wish the sounds could quiet my soul, however, they only add to the already perplexing scheme of thumps from the taps and shrieks of unsuspecting guests. This symphony of anguish in colour and sound is not only distressful but also now decrepit with age. I try to comfort myself by saying that maybe the century in which this calamity was built had its admirer – possibly a carnival clown? In an effort to alleviate any further hardship a new set of cupboards would do wonders in restoring a more appealing atmosphere for my family so that they would not be frightened during a simple meal. Fully functioning appliances in colours that fit today’s styles would help us to prepare meals that keep guests entertained rather than trying to escape. A countertop, sink as well as backsplash in textures whose purpose is to provide a usable food preparation area could alleviate any stress that would otherwise aggravate an innocent cook. To create a kitchen that is both functional and tasteful has been a dream that is central to my families’ happiness.



extreme contest post topper

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