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Seven Colour Palettes Inspired by Fall

We can all breathe a sigh of relief as the reprieve of the fall season arrives – and right on time! Wedged perfectly between the bright colours of a fast and fun summer and the hectic holiday winter season is our favourite of all. Whether you call it autumn or you call it fall it still evokes the same calming feeling. An autumn awareness surrounds us in nature so why not bring that tranquility into your home? Check out these fall inspired colour ideas and make your environment something truly regenerative.


Fruit as a muse? Fresh autumn pears and their various colours, shapes and sizes bring a sense of stability and hopefulness to your home.

Pear Colours by General Paint : Colossal CL 1777N, Opera CL 1787N, Kiwi CLV1138N, Old Mr. Toad CL 1907N, Courage CLV 1128N


Just as deliciously seasoned autumn vegetables in soups or stews restore our spirit, earthy colours leave us with a satisfied sense of being. Drizzle a little colour into your life.

Soup Colours by General Paint :  Summer Fun CL 1736N, Opera CL 1787N, Mistaya CLW 1042W, Courage CLV 1128N

apple jam

Infuse your environment with gourmet colours. Add a touch of sweetness to every day.

Apple Jam Colours by General Paint:  Infernal CL 1617N, Round One CL 1655A, Ringwold CL 2712W, Breakthrough CL 1634D, Stoney Plain CLW 1037W


The reassuring changing of fall leaves and colours reminds us that introspective times to reflect and rest are essential to life. Surround yourself with colours that inspire you to grow and rest and then grow again.

Tree Colours by General Paint:  Knickerbocker CL 1656N, Overload CL 1114N, Portage CL 1184N, pomegranate CLV 1109N, Sizzle CLV 1106N

pumpkin pie

A perfect finish! Be it a celebratory dinner or a feature wall, everything needs a perfect finish.

Pumpkin Pie by General Paint: Infernal CL 1617N, Devotee CL 1817N, Gull CL 2861W, Nankeen CL 279M, Wood Ash CL 2854D

pumpkin squash

Feast your senses. Add texture and accents to your surroundings with the warmth of squash colours.

Squash/Pumpkin by General Paint:  infernal CL 1617N, Crow Rock CL 1607N, Portage CLV 1184N, Crow’s Head CL 3167N, Pomegranate CLV 1109N


Don’t leave your living space underappreciated. Zuchinni done right is a sophisticated fall vegetable as your wall space done right complements your lifestyle.

Zucchini by General Paint:  Karachi CL 1676A, Grassy Slope CL 1987N, Ivy Stripe CLV 1142N, Portage CLV 1184N, Rosemary CL 1946D

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